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Co-Scholastic Activities, Teacher Empowerment, True CCE Implementation


Co Scholastic Activities

CBSE has asked all its schools to provide Evidence of Assessment for Co scholastic skills. CBSE has also highlighted that the process of assigning and conducting Co scholastic Activities, making observation, recording evidences and maintaining anecdotal and other records for co scholastic skills should take place throughout the year. Keeping this in mind AIETS has developed unique and innovative programme – Elevate which contains activity based worksheets. Elevate CCE Worksheets helps in assessing co-scholastic skills along with scholastic skills hence saving time, reducing workload & bringing Objectivity in Co Scholastic Assessment.

How does Elevate CCE worksheet measure co-scholastic skills

  • Elevate Student Workbooks contain worksheets/Activities which have been designed in a manner that they measure scholastic and co-scholastic skills simultaneously.
  • Elevate Student Workbooks contains
    • Scholastic/co-scholastic skills assessed by the worksheet.
    • Assessment criterion and methodology
  • Teachers are also provided with Elevate Curriculum Planner which provides a platform to record, monitor and grade students on co-scholastic skills.
  • When the worksheet is being conducted in the class the teacher with the help of Teacher Manual and curriculum Planner assess and gives grades on co-scholastic skills.

CBSE Formative Assessment

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